September 25, 2023

The back-end is where the business logic is created for a digital product. This is what controls the data that the front-end will show to a user.

In other words, this would be what goes on behind the scenes to create a great web experience without being visible to the end user.

Who Is a Back-End Developer and What Does This Specialist Do?

The back-end developer is responsible for the software and administrative side of the web application, as well as server technologies (database, architecture, logic). This person uses a variety of tools and programming languages, including Python and PHP.

Because this area includes more than just writing code, back-end developers also create architecture. The structures that these developers build define how the database interacts with the code on the server.

They are in charge of delivering the database to their servers correctly. Depending on their product, their responsibilities may vary.

Some back-end engineers will create databases while other ones decide how to protect data or configure backup cycles.

How to Become a Back-End Developer?

To become a back-end developer, we recommend approaching things slowly. You learn one skill at a time, starting with programming. Fortunately, you can get all the skills you need by choosing the right educational courses.

There are many online courses available on the web that will allow you to study from any country in the world.

Some of our favorite firestick apps include Kodi, which provides a simple interface for accessing multimedia content (images, videos, music). If you don’t have an Android device, BeeTV is a good video search tool.

It scans websites and trackers to find and broadcast files hosted on resources. By using a VPN website unblocker, you can browse anonymously while hiding your identity and protecting your privacy or bypass cross site tracking. Or, use some of these applications at the same time!

The Best Back-End Development Courses for IT Beginners

NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-End Development

The Udemy platform offers over 130,000 different courses and has a fantastic selection of back-end development courses.

NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-End Development is an excellent choice for novice IT specialists who want to learn both TypeScript and NestJS. AS well, students are introduced to the theory of back-end development, have the opportunity to complete practical tasks and coding exercises, and take a validation test at the end of the course.

In addition, Coursera offers a full stack web development with React course for people with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This course also touches on mobile app development with a look at server-side support for multi-platform solutions.

Learn to Code for Free

The General Assembly course teaches the fundamentals of coding and help students find jobs as developers. The platform’s blog shares valuable insights on back-end development.

Become a Back and Web Developer

This course runs on the LinkedIn Learning platform and consists of 22 short training videos.

The blog on the platform provides detailed information about back-end development and teaches how to work with databases. After taking it, you’ll have all the valuable skills needed for back-end development.


So, today there are many good courses for beginners in back-end development, and you can take them from anywhere around the world.

Pick the right one and download a VPN to eliminate cross-site tracking. Get instant access to valuable content without any worries!

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